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Emerson Summers was founded in 1927. We are proud to say that, over 90 years later, with continued growth, our commitment to quality and service has never wavered.

Emerson Summers prides itself on being a leader in the disposable wear industry. With knowledgeable staff, backed by safety conscious and compliant manufacturing facilities, we meet and exceed the highest standards in health and hygiene. Our esteemed clients have come to expect nothing less.

Please explore our website.  In it you will find the traditional favorites as well as some excellent new items. We love to hear from our customers! As always we are available to take your calls and address your needs.


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  • HP1 - 2943 Knitted Mesh Medium Weight Close Mesh

    Invisible and Knitted Mesh Hairnets/Knitted Mesh Hairnets

  • HP2 - FL22B, FL24B Flonets


  • HP3 - 4467 Full Coverage Hoods

    Full Coverage Hoods

  • HP4 - 4500 Shoe, Boot and Sleeve Covers

    Shoe Boot & Sleeve Covers

  • Bouffants

  • 4585, 5585, 6585 - Fine Hairnets Bulk

    Invisible Fine Hairnets

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